Lisle Spill Free Funnel

lisle spill free funnel

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Lisle spill free funnel  is now  improved for 2012. It now Includes a cool threaded cap adapter for newer General Motors vehicles with threaded style radiator reservoir openings.

Also fits other vehicles that are equipped with this type of threaded reservoir. The main function of the lisle spill free funnel is that it helps eliminate trapped air pockets which can cause erratic cooling system function and poor heater performance. It helps to control the proper amount of coolant entering your cooling system and takes much of the work out of filling your cooling system by reducing spillage and messy clean up afterwards.

This funnel also helps to prevent getting excessive coolant on your engine belts which will cause a squeaky belt condition and last but not least it helps to protect the environment by reducing coolant run off to our storm drain system.

This unit comes with four adapters that fit most foreign and domestic cars and light trucks and suvs. One has a slightly angled neck that allows use on radiator necks that are positioned an angle.

General Motors threaded cap is found on ’04-’07 Pontiac Grand Prix, ’06-’07 Buick, ’04-’07 Chevrolet S10 Blazer, Canyon, Colorado, Chevrolet SSR, Trailblazer and Oldsmobile Bravada. Also can be used ’07 GMC Acadia, ’06-’07 Hummer, Torrent, Equinox and Chevrolet Tahoe and more.

lisle spill free funnel

If you have a engine overheating problem and servicing your cooling system does
not seem to help, make sure your coolant is circulating through the radiator. Your
upper radiator hose will become hot fairly quickly and your bottom hose should follow
within 5 minutes or so, depending on outside temperature. If your lower hose never gets warm or hot, you do not have coolant circulating through the system. This is usually caused by a stuck thermostat. The next thing you want to happen is a for the fans to come on in approximately another 5 minutes. If they do not you will have to check out the fan electrical circuit and if your Check Engine Light came on after your engine
overheated you may have stored trouble codes. You will need a scan tool or code reader to retrieve the codes for further diagnosis. Look for coolant temperature sensor
codes or fan relay codes.

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1) Simple clever design, great quality, very sturdy.

2) Much easier to avoid any spills, antifreeze is costly these days.

3) Very adaptable works great on many makes and models.

4) Low cost, and actually made in the USA!

5) Less chance of harming your pets, antifreeze is very toxic to them.



1) No instruction sheet included inside, but printed right on the box.

2) Quite a few loose parts, which might be easy to lose. Storing parts on the plunger helps a little, but this could be improved upon.

 Overall outstanding product Lisle 24610 Spill-Free Funnel

lisle spill free funnel




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